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    The inner Circle of Cantango Nuevo is defined as a Trio of Violin, Piano and Accordeon. A compact way of modern Tango Art, witch includes full work on stage to all instruments taking part. Also trancsiptions of typical Tango Bands must include Guitar and Bass into Piano and Accordeon and Viola Parts to Violin, Accordeon and Piano (You can imagine that there areŽnt hardly any longer Breaks at scores). It doesnŽt keep us away from playing for example ERIK SATIEs "Tango for Piano solo" as a Trio Version. Taking the solo part to the Viola underlines the extraordinary character of Saties amazing composition.
    Piazzollas devine colors are known to all who ever heard this part of Tango Historie. There are enough information to find online. It should be mentioned, that naturally influences all Tango Bands, and his work are the introducing bars of Tango Nuevo. This are our basic connection to Tango music, from here we build our musical conceptions into new arrangements and compositions of our own.
    As a special and international part of our repertoire we interpreting "Kojo no tsuki", known as famous Japanese Traditional as a Tango. Surprisingly it did not need any cut of sence of the original to play within the known Tango music performance.
    2007 we started to orchestrate the "Para Madonna" cycle. 7 very individual Tango Nuevo Pieces played by the Trio plus Orchestra.
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Susanne Schulz/Violin * Miyuki Motoi/Piano * Jho Kaufmann/Accordeon./Score,Compos.

Astor Piazzolla, Jho Kaufmann